Bridge and promises (November 11, 2015)

Several months ago, I wrote a letter that appeared in the opinion section of the Daily Press questioning what progress Victorville had made in upholding their end of the project of extending the Yucca Loma Bridge road on through to the I-15 Freeway. I wrote that letter because my wife and I had noted that despite significant progress on the Apple Valley side, nothing appeared to have been done on the Victorville side to make the road a reality. Instead, there were significant signs that the Yucca Loma Bridge would provide no more than a route across the riverbed and lead to Yates Road/Ridegcrest and then dump all that traffic back out onto Bear Valley Road, which would solve little of the traffic problems the entire bridge project was designed to defeat.

Instead of a representative from Victorville responding, a member of the Apple Valley Town Council (as I best remember) responded since, they had the lead on the project. And that response (IMHO) was rather a harsh one (and to a degree sarcastic) in that I dare question what a talking head and members of the Apple Valley Town Council had sold as a sure thing.

And now comes the real truth that Victorville doesn’t have the money to make their side of the Yucca Loma project. Why am I not surprised by this result? And of course, now all the talking heads and politicians say the money will have to come from somewhere else, but where?

But I’m now even more disappointed at the present sitting Apple Valley Town Council at these results, never mind Victorville’s inability to produce. And I now wonder exactly how much of Apple Valley Town Council’s ideas of their other major suggested project (of taking over Apple Valley Ranchos Water) is filled with more bravado, delusions of grandeur, unsurety and plain horse pucky?

Ironically, just this morning I happened to read an article in another periodical that spoke about and listed the greatest fears of Americans these days. Atop the list was politicians. And given the way politics and reality is going in our country these days, I can see why. There was a time when I felt secure with the Apple Valley Town Council and their ability to make well thought out and reasoned fiscal decisions. But then there were other folks sitting on the Town Council who were time tested and proven to be wise in making Apple Valley a fiscally sound and prudently led Town.

Now I’m beginning to wonder exactly what motivates this Town Council and whether this group has the ability to prudently make financial decisions in the best interest of the citizenry. Might just be time for the citizens of Apple Valley to pay more attention to just how our tax dollars are spent. But then as Councilwoman Barb Stanton says, my regular bike rides across the bridge should be beautiful, even if they only take me to Bear Valley instead of down Apple Valley Road.

Alex Varga, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press