Dollars and sense (September 27, 2015)

The Town Council has not been honest with residents in its crusade to acquire Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company. Facts and figures about the actual cost of the water system have been embellished in regards to our town’s ability to pay for, and run, an intricate water system. The Town Council has offered $45.54 million for the entire system — on the surface, a bargain. Yet this sum pales in comparison to the real figure of $327 million offered in actual fair market terms by a competitor to AVR.

Not satisfied with this, the Town Council quietly raised its offer to $86 million. It seems the Town Council is prepared to pay any sum for a water system it has no idea how to run, so long as we’re the ones paying for it.

They’ve tried to justify this exorbitant price tag with the empty promise of lowering water rates for consumers — yet so far, no one can demonstrate that they will be able to actually follow through on this promise. I simply don’t believe that a Council with zero experience running a major utility will be able to provide a cheaper service than the experts who have provided the town with an excellent service for over 60 years. But I do believe they are ready to spend our money trying to do it.

Hilary Clemons, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press