Will the Town listen? (September 15, 2015)

$728,851 is the outrageous amount that our Town Council has continued to spend on attorney fees in its attempts to attain the Apple Valley water system. As a citizen of this town, to put it bluntly, I am outraged. If our leaders are willing to spend this much money on attorney fees how can they be trusted to spend our tax dollars, and where is the transparency and accountability we are owed by our elected officials? And this of course is not even speaking of the failure of a project they chose to invest in, which has cost the town another $370,357. That is over a million dollars and nothing has changed for any of us! This water system will not provide more water, it will not lower rates, but what it will do is continue to cost this community well into the future. This acquisition attempt is a frivolous land grab that continues to expand the power of our Town Council members at our residents’ expense.

Jim Goodhope, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press, September 15, 2015