Ranchos’ acquisition of Yermo utility complete (September 1, 2015)

Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. announced last week it has completed the acquisition of the water system assets and water rights of Yermo Water Co. The water system serves over 900 people in the community of Yermo. The service area is primarily residential customers, but also includes an elementary school and several local businesses.

Under the control of a court-appointed receiver since December 2012, the Yermo water system has struggled continuously with operations, management and ownership challenges that imperiled the public health and safety of Yermo’s customers, Ranchos officials said in a news release. Significant capital improvements are planned to bring the Yermo water system into full compliance with state and federal water quality requirements and regulations.

Ranchos Water is excited to serve the residents and businesses of Yermo with quality water and excellent customer service, said Ranchos Water Vice President and General Manager Tony Penna. With 70 years of experience in the water industry, we have the management, operational and technical expertise, as well as resources to meet the needs of Yermo customers.

We are also optimistic about the grant funding prospects for Yermo and look forward to partnering with county and state agencies to rebuild the Yermo water system and improve the community’s quality of life.

This should be good for everyone. I have seen the worst of it and feel that with the professional expertise of the Ranchos Water, that Yermo will soon have an improved water delivery system, past president of Yermo Community Services District Mike Henderson. I am sure that the management of Ranchos Water will do all within its power to assist our community in creating a viable and safe operating water delivery system.

Officials say Ranchos plans to invest $1.1 million in initial capital improvements to address Yermo’s most critical water system deficiencies. Most of Yermo’s water system infrastructure has far exceeded its useful life and is in need of replacement and upgrade. In addition, Ranchos Water has submitted a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Financial Assistance Application to the State Water Resources Control Board, requesting $8 million in financial assistance to complete the rehabilitation of Yermo’s water system infrastructure, which includes adding 500,000 gallons of storage facilities.

Source: Apple Valley Review, applevalley-review.com/ranchos-acquisition-yermo-utility-complete