Decisions, decisions (August 20, 2015)

Apple Valley planning confirms zoning on a parcel for a man’s trucking company. He makes purchase at significant cost. Oops, town reverses on zoning, they made a mistake. Town attorney suggests the man sue his Realtor.

Town animal shelter gives foster facility in Los Angeles area little time to confirm and ‘pay’ for the rescue of four puppies, but they could not meet the tight time limit. Ding Ding, time’s up, puppies die.

Asian doctor and wife spend significant time and money but cannot get decision on new business project in town. Their attorney appeals to Council. Hearing goes in nonsense circles at length. Doctor, frustrated, suggests the inaction appears discriminatory. Finally a favorable decision, after doctor’s time and money wasted.

Citizen requests copies of public records. Ten days later town needs more time, another 14 days. Almost a month later citizen receives ‘part’ of the records requested. A request generated based on town staff’s poorly prepared documents, but town criticizes citizen for exercising their right.

Gas Company will come out at NO COST to assist if your pilot light goes out. They will check everything and re-light for you. Even come out at NO COST if you smell something funny.

Ranchos Water employees canvass town, assist in understanding water conservation mandates of state. Offer, at NO COST, low flow heads for shower and faucets, tablets to detect toilet leaks, outdoor hose nozzle with shutoff. All offered with a friendly smile.

Ranchos Water employees, at NO COST, do water audit and even provides low flow sprinkler inserts. They set sprinkler timers, since you lost the book of instruction. Response is quick with a friendly smile.

Ranchos Water employees provide credits for water losses customers not responsible for, with a smile. Ranchos Water, for years has provided immediate quality water.

Verizon charges for any request and even makes you commit to long-term contracts just for service, and currently selling out to another company. Their commodity is more costly than other utilities. If Apple Valley is so intent on entering the utility business, take Verizon, please!

Leane Lee, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press