‘Building Connections’: Water acquisition remains hot topic during State of the Town (August 19, 2015)

APPLE VALLEY — The now 18-month-old Yucca Loma Bridge construction project and the town’s continued attempts to acquire Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company were among a plethora of topics discussed Wednesday during the State of the Town Address at the Apple Valley Conference Center.


By connecting, we help address the needs and priorities of those we serve, and build the connections that help us reach our goals, Cusack said.

But not every relationship in town is currently harmonious; Apple Valley continues to battle with Ranchos for acquisition of the company’s water system, which Ranchos says is not for sale.

Several Ranchos officials were in attendance at the State of the Town, and — despite the growing divide between the Town Council and the water company — Apple Valley Ranchos General Manager Tony Penna did agree with council members on the importance of connections.

We (Ranchos) think being connected is a good thing, Penna told the Daily Press via email. We are hopeful the town government will stop this takeover attempt and reconnect with Ranchos and work together for this community.

Mayor Pro Tem Barb Stanton, however, made the town’s stance on acquisition clear.

Our pursuit of water acquisition is number one in my book, Stanton told the Daily Press. We have to protect our future, and water is that future.


Source: Matthew Cabe, Daily Press