AVRWC offers no cost low flow toilet distribution program to its customers (August 13, 2015)

(Apple Valley) – Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. is proud to announce the continuation of the extremely popular no-cost toilet distribution program for Ranchos Water customers. The program replaces high water use toilets with water saving low flow toilets, while supplies last.

The toilet distribution program is for Ranchos’ customers, both residential and multi-family homes. Though Ranchos Water provides the low flow toilets, property owners are responsible for installing the new toilet and disposal of the old. Ranchos Water has distributed 465 Stealth 0.8 gallons per flush low flow toilets to date, with plans to distribute even more in this time of drought.

Our no-cost toilet distribution program was met with an overwhelmingly positive response and we are excited to assist our customers conserve water in this way, said Norma Armenta, Water Conservation Coordinator for Ranchos Water. We are pleased to be able to continue to offer these low flush, high efficiency toilets at no-cost to our customers. We know the drought has been on our customers, and we want to offer a variety of programs to help residents save on a daily basis.

Due to the severity of the drought, Apple Valley Ranchos’ Water Shortage Contingency Plan, Stage 2, is now in effect. State-mandated emergency drought regulations require that residents reduce their annual water consumption by 28% as compared to 2013 and comply with mandatory water use restrictions. By replacing high water use toilets, residents can work towards achieving and maintaining this goal.

I’m telling everyone about them, said Evelyn Gomez, Ranchos Water customer who recently utilized the no-cost toilet program. I love (this program) because I save money and water.

In order to qualify for the program, the resident’s home must be built before 1992 and have a high water use toilet. Customers are encouraged to call the Conservation Department for more information. Once qualified, they will be placed on a list to receive a toilet.

For more information about the drought restrictions, the toilet distribution program or other Ranchos conservation programs contact Ranchos Water at (760) 247-6484 or visit us online at avrwater.com.

About Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company

Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. delivers reliable, quality water service to about 63,000 people, in the Town of Apple Valley and parts of San Bernardino County. Ranchos Water is a subsidiary of Park Water Co., based in Los Angeles County, which provides contracted and regulated water utility services. In addition to Ranchos Water, Park Water owns Mountain Water Co. serving Missoula, Montana. Park Water and its subsidiaries provide safe, reliable drinking water service to approximately 300,000 people. Additional information about Ranchos Water can be found by visiting avrwater.com and applevalleywaterfacts.com.

Source: High Desert Daily