Sassy speculators (August 2, 2015)

Vindictive: Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, aka Park Water Company, aka Carlyle Group.

These water managers’ responsibility is to provide water to the gulf course and James Woody Park, per public agreement, until the recycled water is available that the Town of Apple Valley had the foresight to plan and is in the construction process.

Did they disclose to the Canadian buyers that we will save multi gallons of potable water in the future and save dollars that would have gone there? Will the new owners raise rates to make up the deficiency?

They claim that they are saving the ratepayers money because they discounted water to the parks. Now taxpayers will pay extra for the same water. Where is the savings? Taxpayers pay for park maintenance. Where is my ratepayer refund?

These people in control of our water are sassy and mean speculators. We can do better.

— Richard Turnbull, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press