Letter: Water analysis (July 30, 2015)

The LA Times today headlines An Upward Push for L.A. Water Rates and once again reminds me that the Town of Apple Valley’s arguments regarding their intended purchase of Apple Valley Ranchos are simply to: stabilize rates and eliminate profits which will pay for the large additional debt imposed on taxpayers. Over many months now, Town officials continue to completely ignore the mandatory and critical maintenance costs which include replacement of known aging infrastructure. Their math additions are faulty as this expensive line item is not included in their calculations.

Now the drought is causing lower usage while fixed costs remain at the same level. Therefore, the rates must go higher logically and the proponents are not including this fact either. Maybe they should look down the hill for some real factual evidence and review photos of broken pipes and resulting flowing water.

Recently, after the TOAV Water Conservation Plan was presented, the Daily Press reported that the Town was given another discount of only a 15 percent reduction goal, which results in residential customers having to attain the higher reductions to offset state mandates for AVR of 28 percent. Where is the transparency and many other significant facts which need to come from Town Hall?

Al Rice, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press