Letter: Figures don’t lie, but … (July 17, 2015)

To add a little additional insight to legal buffoonery, the Apple Valley Town Council proposes a (close to) balanced budget, but they did not tell us how individual budget items have been shorted for the purpose of showing how efficient they are conducting the Town’s business. Even though Parks and Rec will have to do with less than needed, and the Sheriff captain does not yet have an office and could use a little more clerical help, and some needed road work will be slightly delayed, and no provision was made for an increase in water due to losing the discount the Town received so that they paid less for water than the rest of us … This, by the way, means that the rest of us have been paying more for our water so that the they could be subsidized … at our expense.

In my opinion, the Town Council should stop squandering sorely needed funds on propaganda and attorney fees for a hostile takeover of the Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. and instead direct those funds to the underfunded departments so that they can more efficiently provide the services for which they are responsible.

— Lee Bell, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press