Letter: Lack of meeting notice (July 13, 2015)

The Daily Press newspaper briefly reported a EIR Scoping Meeting regarding the Town of Apple Valley acquisition of Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company today (July 3) to be held on Tuesday, July 7, at 5 p.m. at Town Hall. There are absolutely no reports, information or news message on the Town’s website and the 40-plus-page initial study prepared by Lori Lampson with consultant assistance and signed by her on June 24 is not presented as available. In the signature page of the document, directly above her signature, is the comment Thirty-Day Comment Period: Due to the time limits mandated by State Law … Study Comment period begins on June 26, 2015. The Town staff left last evening for their four-day weekend. This negligent performance reflects again on how the Town’s culture and management addresses issues directly impacting negatively on the public. Do they really anticipate picking up the pieces on Tuesday morning and making any public news announcement of a meeting Tuesday evening? I may be the only resident in the audience as I have been on many other occasions for public meetings and I have concluded that the Town does not really care as they are only going through their own agenda. Unfortunately, this may not be illegal and/or unlawful, but certainly Town staff have not acted in their public’s interest by withholding a critical documents and proper meeting notice.

— Alvin Rice, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press