Letter: No eminent domain (June 10, 2015)

In regards to the matter of the Apple Valley Town takeover of the Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co., I desire to state that my greatest concern is that this process of eminent domain IS non-American.

I believe a large part of America’s wealth is due to our free enterprise system. Note the benefits listed: Profit motive; open opportunity; legal equality; private property rights (not eminent domain); free contract; voluntary exchange; competition.

As a whole, any government agency operating any private business has proven to be inefficient and often ineffective. It is an unsuspecting step which impedes the above listed advantages of American wealth.

Seemingly without concern, the Apple Valley Town Council is leading our town down the slippery slope of local socialism. Also, just because other municipalities are able to manage their water supply does not justify our city governing private businesses.

If I am no longer willing to pay the rising price of water, I have the freedom and choice to move out of this area. That is the American way; not eminent domain (subtle socialism).

Source: Jerry Vincent, Apple Valley, Daily Press