Letter: On the proposed takeover of AVRWC (June 5, 2015)

It seems to me that the town is not getting a fair shake from the coverage. I have lived here 10 years and since that time my water rates have doubled. This appears to be profit-motivated to satisfy the AVR shareholders. If Apple Valley Ranchos had their act together with concern for the citizens’ water rates and were not jacking up the water rates to maintain a dividend to their shareholders, there would not be a need for the city to take over the water company.

Additionally, AVR is now trying to sell off the company to a Canadian interest who know nothing about this area and will be the next rate increaser for profits. AVR has allowed the rates to climb while our neighboring communities like Victorville and Hesperia have lower water rates. Therefore I applaud the Town Council for their actions and hope they get the water rates under control.

Source: Brad Triska, Apple Valley, Daily Press