Letter: More reaction to Apple Valley water battle (June 5, 2015)

My wife and I recently purchased a home in the new section of Del Webb Sun City and were surprised to learn the water company is privately owned. After being here a few months, we find there is lots of controversy about this.

After some research, we find the owners to be a large corporation. In our opinion, it seems the Town of Apple Valley would be much better off financially and for future planning to own this public utility.

Apparently, the owners, the Carlyle Group, are realizing significant profits for their shareholders, according to online reports.

We believe Apple Valley should pursue the purchase of the water company, as we understand they are doing, and using the power of eminent domain to accomplish this, if necessary.

Also we believe it would be helpful for Apple Valley residents to express their wishes to the town council members, as to their own opinion on this process.

Source: Royce and Cheryl Conner, Apple Valley, Daily Press