Obamacare vs. H2Ours: 3 lies we’ve heard before (March 17, 2015)

Apple Valley, CA — President Reagan famously said, The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help. These words only ring more true as time progresses as we watch our already bloated government take on even more responsibility to help us in our lives.

On the national front we have Obamacare. This behemoth of legislation promised to help Americans, because, surely the government can make better choices then you and your doctor can.

On the local side we are seeing a very familiar government issue, using the same talking points. Apple Valley’s Town Government wants to take over a private business because it thinks the rates are too high. It doesn’t matter if it’s a well run business, nor whether it delivers a product directly to you instead of going through a government bureaucracy first. Where they’ll take their cut. It’s a private company and they’ll be damned if a private will charge for a product.

In line with both takeovers, here are three lies we’ve heard before with Obamacare and are hearing again from Apple Valley’s Town Government and H2Ours.

Lie #1 — It lowers your cost

Obamacare — The peddlers of Obamacare claimed it would cut the cost of your health care. If only! When Obamacare went into effect, it created higher premiums and increased healthcare costs.

H2Ours — Town ownership will provide water rate stability? Historically, when cities have taken over private water companies using eminent domain, the cost to run them have stayed the same or increased. And honestly, when has government EVER done anything more efficiently than private companies?

Lie #2 — It will not cost taxpayers

Obamacare — We were told that Obamacare would not increase the deficit. As it turns out, the costs of taking over an industry were not paid by money that magically appeared. Instead, Obamacare will increase cost to the taxpayer.

H2Ours — The long-term deficits that the Apple Valley town government currently carries will only increase if they borrow money (on top of the money already spent to create a sham of justification for the takeover) to cover the cost of the takeover.

Further, they proudly claim The Town of Apple Valley would be eligible for advantageous government funding not available to a private company. First, this statement is untrue. Second, they admit that they can’t afford to run it by themselves! These funding streams are funneled through the government but ultimately originate from our wallets as taxes. With the amount of government debt already owed, is it wise to borrow more to takeover a private company?

Lie #3 — If you like your provider, you can keep your provider

Obamacare — It hurts me to even mention this one. One of the biggest and most blatant lies ever told to the American people.

H2Ours — What makes a company? Is it the service they provide … or the employees and managers who provide it? Although the new owners, Liberty Utilities has guaranteed to retain 100% of the employees at AV Ranchos, the Town has NOT done the same. Apple Valley Ranchos is known for the high quality service, so why wouldn’t the Town make the same commitment?

What’s likely to happen is that the same high quality service you expect will no longer exist … because those same people will either leave or be let go.

Obamacare and H2Ours … two peas in a government takeover pod.

Source: D. Murphy, TheLibertyPoint.com