Call Apple Valley H2Ours campaign what it is — A hostile government takeover (March 5, 2015)

Apple Valley, CA — The Town of Apple Valley wants to sugarcoat its efforts regarding the attempted takeover of the AV Ranchos Water Company at the expense of the taxpayer.

If you are a resident and you are paying attention, the Town Council is attempting to use a judge to condemn Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, take it over, and then operate it themselves. If you live in Apple Valley, your government is seeking to forcibly takeover a private company that has said repeatedly it is not for sale — in your name.

The Town has recently launched a new website where it continues to gloss over and sugarcoat what it is really doing.

In its mission statement, the Town states:

The Town Council is investigating the feasibility of acquiring the water system and creating a public water utility serving Apple Valley.

Translation: The Town government has decided to go forward with using the court system to force a private company to sell their business to them.

A common theme is local control for the Town, but what it really means is government control — of a private company.

Another point of contention with government staff is the fact that companies make profits given this snippet from their fact sheet:

Under public ownership, we can eliminate the profit motive …

Translation: We, as government employees who likely have never had a job in the private sector or signed the front of a paycheck, don’t like the fact that companies make profits.

Many would say we are a conservative area, but are these really conservative principles? Shouldn’t we be vocal about why a Town wants to take over a private corporation at the expense of the taxpayers of Apple Valley, many of whom aren’t even customers of AV Ranchos Water?

There were some other people in history who felt the same way about profits. Their names were Marx, Lenin, Castro, and Obama, etc.

This Town Council consist of five Republicans, who probably publicity proclaim the as other Republicans who suggest that private companies can do things more efficiently then government does. What happened in this case?

In looking at this hostile takeover, if Apple Valley’s Town Government succeeds in taking over the Water Company, it will very likely mean hidden taxes, in the form of higher property taxes, while taking it in other areas that you might not necessary even notice, spreading it around so that you don’t even notice it. There is one thing you can guarantee, you the resident of Apple Valley will NOT see reprieve in your water bill, instead you could see an increase and then where will that leave you?

The Town staff has ZERO experience in running a water company of this size, but should they even be given that chance?

While the Town staff like to spin the facts and say very conservative things like local control, we think every citizen should call it out as often as they can for what it is — A Hostile Government Takeover of a Private Company.

Source: D. Murphy,