Stanton mayor of TOAV (December 13, 2011)

Coleman to serve as mayor pro tem

APPLE VALLEY • Barb Stanton is the new mayor in town, with Ginger Coleman tapped to serve as mayor pro tem.

The two were voted and sworn in at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.

Stanton said she looks forward to fulfilling many of the campaign promises she made when she was elected in 2010, such as bolstering transparency. But she’s also excited about tackling several new endeavors in 2012 as she takes over the mayorship from Scott Nassif.

Her first priority is getting a grasp on the water issues in the town.

Our Blue Ribbon Water Committee will present their findings in the next couple of weeks, she said in an emailed response, and we then will make decisions on whether to purchase Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company.

Stanton said the town is moving forward as quickly as possible with a water reclamation plant, hoping to use the water on parks and the golf course.

There are also discussions that Apple Valley may be able to utilize catch basins for water run-off and receive credit for recharging the basin, she said. If that happens, Stanton said it will pave the way for growth in the industrial section of north Apple Valley.

Stanton has always been an advocate for open, clear and transparent town business, and said she is proud the town now provides monthly financial reports on all expenditures including the golf course — but she plans to take things a step further.

To better serve the folks of Apple Valley, Stanton said she will be asking for a community meeting with council and department heads.

Thus there will be ready answers to citizen’s questions rather than, ‘I will check and get back with you,’ she said.

She also hopes to start a quarterly Coffee with the Mayor.

This is already in the planning stages to assist citizens with questions, problems and solutions, and to continue to open the door to transparency, she said.

During her tenure as mayor, Stanton also hopes to find a way to keep Animal Control open on Saturdays.

It was a year filled with new beginnings and tragic ends for Stanton, who, while serving her first year as a council member, lost her sister to cancer in August. She also stepped out of the radio spotlight to focus all her energy on serving the town.

When asked what her first 12 months with the Town Council has taught her, Stanton replied: Government moves very slowly. Apple Valley wasn’t built in a day.

Source: Gretchen Losi, Daily Press (found on