Anti-incumbent ripples felt locally (November 3, 2010)

Apple Valley • Winning candidates took opposing sides on a golf course that stood at the center of the campaign for Apple Valley Town Council, according to Barb Stanton, the new mayor pro tempore. She is one of two fresh faces on the council.

High water rates were another focus of the election, Stanton said.

The city is locked in a court battle over water rights for a golf course in the city, which Stanton said cost the city almost $4 million in upkeep over the past 20 months.

In my candidacy, I ran on the platform that government should get out of private industry, Stanton said.

Despite some disagreement over the role the town should have in the golf course, Stanton said she looked forward to working with Curt Emick and Scott Nassif.

Source: San Bernardino Sun Newspaper

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