Re: Scott Nassif and his facts (May 8, 2017)

As I have reviewed more comments made by Mayor Nassif recently, I have come to a better understanding and analysis of his level of his critical thought processes and particularly regarding the acquisition of the Water System. Until recently as part of his quiet silence, I gave him a pass while considering that as a Businessman, he held numerous basic skills sets even though Apple Valley is a very small town and he has lived here a large amount of his life experiences.

I conclude that the Town of Apple Valley is really in a downward performance trend for a number of reasons including:

  1. It is not only planned, but predicted to be by-passed in the Los Angeles to Las Vegas and further east/west major transportation and economic corridor. Thus it will remain as only a minor bedroom commuter neighborhood because as I have learned over the 17 years I have lived here that the additional 30 minutes to get to the Cajon Pass remain a large impediment to desirability and does not allow Apple Valley to be competitive with other High Desert cities.
  2. The financial deficiencies will continue to become even more potential implosives for Town Governance going forward in the near-term. Several key staff members have left and I can understand that more are being planned, particularly in coming weeks as the Budget is being developed --- so June public comment may be very key also.

— Al Rice, Apple Valley