Countering Tony Tyler (April 26, 2017)

Mr. Tyler’s claim, Daily Press 4/26/2017, to being a “Yokel” was enlightening. Yokel is defined as “an uneducated and unsophisticated person from the countryside.” That clears up why some just blindly support their fellow “Yokel” council.

For the educated, the opposition of taking Liberty Utilities by the town was not about water rates. It was an educated decision based on the town’s failure to properly manage their finances. It was also the recognition of the decline of water quality, and lack of infrastructure repair under typical municipal ownership. So, when the town seeks to balance their books with water revenue, make no mistake, this issue is about more money for the town and has nothing to do with the town’s concern for your water rates.

The old saying is, You get what you pay for, and I for one do not wish to risk becoming another Flint, MI. If you want to pay for water acquisition debt, and give up quality water, that is your choice. But be honest and choose whether you believe water is a precious and necessary commodity to sustain human life, or do you desire to dump this precious commodity in your yard for a green lawn for next to nothing in cost? Because to claim both contradictory positions makes many, including the council, the biggest “Yokels” of all.

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley