TOAV financial health check (March 21, 2017)

In the Daily Press’ March 12 Voices: Mayor Nassif says confusing, “General fund balance equal to 32% of expenditures, pension contributions no greater than 10% of total revenues, ATM (and his Finance and Administrative Staff) whose expertise and professionalism is beyond reproach including awards (given to almost 100% of agencies who paid the cheap costs of paper certificates and a check listing), etc. These comment contents do not measure up to the normal communications performance standards of Mr. Nassif so it leaves readers questioning why now and which possible taxpayer paid sole source, no-bid PR down the hill developed this article which is obviously not locally knowledge based? Is this a new Town strategy to employ PR outsiders to attempt to distort local matters? Any reality or factual checks here on their message? It is a long-time since Fund balances were reported to public; when will current facts be published so we know what our government is doing?

The Public have provided information pertaining to numerous errors and omissions re. financial records and reports in recent years. Only two instances were finally changed after many inputs, but most get a no response nor correction of critical public records. Town representatives typically deflect to change the issue topic or go silent and just stare into space. What about the duplicate warrants reports, no public exposure of the hidden electronic wire fund transfer payments to vendors, transparency report errors, public record request problems, etc.? Corrections are needed and long overdue! Do the PR folks believe that residents are so stupid to believe the ink in these printed words without facts? Some of us were raised in a controlled news atmosphere and are very aware of these tactics which may be brought with some stagecoach/ buckboard riders coming into town to take monetary advantage! Where did the new slogan concept of “keep promises” come from and what are the factual details involved now?

Just received call from New York. Is TOAV conducting a new voter survey re: water? The first question was, “are you liberal or conservative?”

Al Rice, Apple Valley

Published: Daily Press, March 27, 2017