Comments to the Town Council (March 9, 2017)

My name is Kerry Henard, and I live in Apple Valley.

Can’t the Town of Apple Valley do anything at all without doing it in a shady, underhanded way?

We welcome a ballot measure. We fought for the right to vote on it. But why didn’t you act like a normal Council and schedule this vote for a regular meeting where people can arrange to attend?

The timing of this meeting appears clandestine and sneaky, and given that the Town likely spent months on preparing materials for this ballot measure, it is irresponsible for the Town to pop it on us with a 24-hour notice.

Just like everything else the Town does, this bond measure will likely be a huge waste of money and resources.

This $150 million bond is one hundred million dollars more than what you originally told us the water system was worth. It’s already three times the cost you promised, and it’s probably still way low.

You are off to a terrible start Apple Valley, and with what I am hearing about the Town’s PR firm getting involved on behalf of the bond measure for tonight’s meeting, it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better.