Comments to the Town Council opposing the ballot measure (March 9, 2017)

What a surprise when I opened the paper this morning and saw that there was a meeting called to discuss Measure V. You are prepared to issue request for a bond issue when you do not even have the full council present. is the issue so urgent that Mr. Nassif cannot return before you go ahead. You must be very afraid of what the community will do if you cannot give more notification. Are you so afraid of the community that you pull such an underhanded tactic? How do you suppose that those who do not read the paper can be notified? What about those who work and cannot get to a meeting on such short notice. You should be ashamed of this and if this issue passes be aware that we are not finished in our fight to stop you from trying to destroy a private company with your shenanigans.

Pat Hanson, Apple Valley, CA