Big lie (March 3, 2017)

Pat Orr’s column in the Apple Valley Review 2-28-17. I think Mr Orr writes a good column but I believe he has missed some important news that was printed in this Daily Press last 2-16-17 & 2-23-17.

His statement that there are people promoting a Big Lie that everything the town touches is Mismanaged, I believe, is in error.

There is some truth to the town’s mismanagement that the Daily Press on 2-16-17 reported about Prop 218. that the town illegally transferred sewer funds to the general fund.

Also the Daily Press on 2-23-17 reported Town to pay $41K in fees. This was due to the Town withholding public records.

Once again the adage, Where there is smoke there is fire.

Lawrence McCarthy, Apple Valley CA