Short-sighted and biased (March 1, 2017)

Pat Orr’s Big Lies in the Daily Press 2/28/2017, is extremely short-sighted and biased.

Mr. Orr, a politically active proponent for Town of Apple Valley, thinks he is above those who disagree with him. Using his newspaper column, not limited to 300 words as letters to the editor are, to support his political affiliations, such as Neighbors United PAC, his Presidency of the FLOW Committee, and leadership roles in Walmart’s Ballot Measure Committee, and the failed H2Ours Measure W Committee. One wonders why his columns aren’t treated as non-monetary advertising contributions to his affiliated committees, and pushes the spoon fed information from the Town.

Others do their research. The AVCE, emulating Lancaster’s electric provider program to put more money in the town coffers, but they would do well to emulate the financial reports. Lancaster provides professionally presented warrant registers/treasurer’s reports timely, transparent and complete with fund balances, unlike the Town’s late, incomplete, and unsigned work from highly paid staff, and lacks even the reporting capabilities of an out of date QuickBooks program. Or the lack of monthly budget status reports, mandated by Council resolution, remains an incomplete Finance GOAL since 2012.

The Town’s participation in the League of Cities would have taught them about the financial red flags, ignored by our elected officials, forcing the public to be concerned and evoking a reaction. Most taxpayers would rather not have to say later, I told you so, and see the problems remedied before they become another, in a series of cities, who failed their fiduciary duties.

If everyone involved made their primary focus, in the best interest of the people, then we would all be on common ground. So I have to ask why Mr. Orr does not share the public’s concern for, at the very least, adequate financial reporting by the Town?

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley, CA