Apple Valley’s Fifth Column (February 28, 2017)

While Pat Orr presents himself as a disinterested observer, in fact he always takes advocacy positions for Town Hall interests in various grassroots (i.e. astroturf) PACs and committees.

Now Orr has implied he is a student of history, but misdefines the term Big Lie, then misspells Adolf Hitler, then misstates Hitler’s appeal to the German people, and then smears Senator Joe McCarthy (who, by the way, was correct about Communists and Communist influence in our government and cultural institutions). Using these errors and false implications as his foundation, Orr attacks concerned citizens who are trying to prevent a financial catastrophe here in Apple Valley. He says that such persons are practicing the Big Lie (The ‘Big Lie’ is a popular tool, Apple Valley Review, February 28, 2017).

You want lies, Mr. Orr? Here are some big ones:

  • your Town Council represents local control
  • your water rates will go down
  • this is our water
  • we can afford to buy our water utility
  • the water company was for sale, just not to us
  • the water company would not let us inspect their system
  • we made a fair offer to purchase the water system
  • our offer price included enough for the water rights, too
  • we have a standing offer to purchase the water system
  • Liberty Utilities overpaid for the water system
  • the town cannot grow unless we buy the water system
  • transparency reports
  • we know how to run a water system
  • our citizens support a takeover
  • we haven’t spent that much money
  • residents who oppose us are shills
  • residents who oppose us are getting paid to do so
  • every penny we’ve spent is accounted for
  • profits equal greed
  • Apple Valley ratepayers are going to charged for improvements to Yermo’s water system
  • Liberty plans to raise rates 14 percent per year for three years
  • the money Liberty Utilities spent on Measure V will show up on our water bills
  • the eminent domain case is Missoula is similar to our case
  • the eminent domain case in Claremont is nothing like our case

These are among the dozens of utterances by Town Hall that have been either lies or falsehoods designed to tear down our water provider, suppress dissent, and grease the skids for a Town takeover. Orr regurgitates their lies whole.

Orr also accuses those who sue the town of collecting handsome fees. First, I know of four who have sued and won, and none of them benefitted financially (unlike the lawyers). Second, Orr himself has benefitted from millions in Town-issued Certificates of Participation, in addition to the questionable use of public funds to support his political committees. Third, if the Town is in the right, how come they keep losing?

Given all of this, why are Orr’s columns not reported in California Fair Practices Commission filings as non-monetary payments-in-kind?

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.

Published: Apple Valley Review, March 7, 2017