More Brown Act violations? (January 20, 2017)

On 1/5/17 the California Appeal court ruled against Town of Apple Valley and Walmart, noting the Town’s violation of the Brown Act (Daily Press, 1/6/17). Since then Town Council met twice, on 1/5/17 and 1/11/17. This case, like closed sessions since their Brown Act violation in August 2013, never appeared on Town Council closed session agendas. But, on 1/20/2017, they filed for a rehearing, another Brown Act violation on their prior Brown Act violation.

Asking for a rehearing is suggesting they believe the panel of three experienced judges didn’t know what they were doing, as was suggested by the Town Manager. Now there is a winning argument — NOT. Unless, new evidence surfaced in the last two weeks that was not available in the last three and a half years.

Town legal counsel is in the business to make money on these decisions, but surely the Town Council should know when to cut their losses, unless their elevators are not going all the way to the top.

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley

Published: Daily Press, January 29, 2017