Hidden future tax ballot measure (October 24, 2016)

How many in Apple Valley knew the parks and recreation and golf course deficits, were a debt we owe the Town’s general fund?

If you trust your local government, then you need to read the document that never appeared on the Council open meeting agendas.

On the town website, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for year end June 30, 2015, internal date December 23, 2015, (Town Hall closed for the holidays), and posted around February 2016, contains the following excerpts:

The General Fund has advanced $6,475,142 and $3,492,776 to the Parks and Recreation Fund and Apple Valley Golf Course Fund, respectively. The advances were made to fund operating deficits in those funds over a period of many years. The Town is currently developing a plan to repay these advances to the General Fund.

In addition, management is considering proposing a sales tax measure in the near future. The annual revenues generated from this proposed sales tax measure are estimated to be sufficient for the Parks and Recreation and Apple Valley Golf Course Funds to repay the advance from the General Fund over a period of several years.

When you cast your ballot in November, remember these incumbents, Bishop and Cusack, and Measure W, are your tax-and-spend choices. Claims you will not be taxed for the water takeover — in addition to the debt to acquire the water company — are false. You will pay plus be taxed on the golf course water rights acquired. Then there is all the free stuff offered through Parks and Recreation, really isn’t free at all, and everyone will pay, whether you derived any benefit of the freebies or not.

Don’t let them fool you when they attempt to place the blame for this on staff management. Remember, the incumbents told us, in defense of the Assistant Town Manager, he just does what they tell him to do.

Leane Lee, Apple Valley

Published: Daily Press, October 31, 2016