Agenda item #1: Comments by Al Rice (November 17, 2015)

Good evening Mayor Pro Tem Stanton and council members.

Al Rice — resident taxpayer who will be 80 soon. I have been asked to come/speak.

This forum has been designated a hostile environment requiring sheriffs.

I say what I mean and mean what I say. I set a high performance bar particularly when livelihoods, finances and careers are involved. NO GAMES; SERIOUS STUFF.

This Agenda item #1 CEQA subject includes several Critical defects:

  1. A defective Distribution List of 103 including railroad, duplicate contacts, lack of local CEQA expertise involvement, etc.
  2. I submitted two letters of my comments totaling five pages regarding the Draft EIR; 33 issues received responses with some being included in Final EIR, but several were not really addressed.
  3. In the CEQA Traffic analysis, an observer was sent to collect vehicle 58 trips from O&M in a 15 minute time. My comment may have resulted in the writers adding 8 pages of TOAV road vehicles out-of-date 2008 data. Why? Aerial views of Ranchos facilities were used to provide the square foot of O&M property. Why? No data was included as to what is within the O&M facility. Why not?
  4. Several commenters included questions regarding the Ranchos Formal Plan for Capital Improvements going forward after Acquisition. The respondents attempted to avoid the formal Plan importance saying, These maintenance activities would be the same as those of any Operator of the system. Oh really? This is only a deflective response.

You can analyze the FEIR document if you really want to be informed of the reported CEQA issues. There is an abnormal number of routine, simple legal arguments against each of the comments provided. (Why are there so many no constructive/significant responses)? Have you held discussions with Residents?

I thank the residents for providing very constructive and thoughtful comments. I provided five pages of personal written comments and participated in two scoping meetings. Only about 200 residents attended. Why?