Government’s role (October 27, 2015)

George Washington said, Government is not reason: it is not eloquent: it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

What government is supposed to do is tackle those services too large for the individual to accomplish on his own. Of course today, government has redefined their role and thinks that we no longer can make any decisions in our lives without them being involved. We all need our diapers changed regularly, but I submit it is government that is forcing us to be childlike again.

I was reviewing the Town of Apple Valley’s October 27, 2015, council meeting agenda and then sat back and thought about what this town has done or is contemplating doing. I asked myself if this is something government should be involved in? For instance, when the town decided to take over Parks and Recreation, was it their responsibility to provide crafts and entertainment for me the individual? Are Sunset Series Concerts an essential need that the town and or its sponsors must provide for residents? I say the private sector can do this, but unlike government, we can’t do it nearly for free using someone else’s money.

When the town inserted itself into purchasing the Apple Valley Country Club, was this an essential need for the taxpayer that was too large for an individual to do on their own and necessitated that government get involved in bailing out a bankrupt club?

Should government be the first people that private business contacts when say a regional distribution center is going to get built within town limits? Should government give away taxpayer treasure in order to entice the development? Why aren’t private real estate people handling these transactions? if Apple Valley is truly a destination, it will sell itself.

Why is the town buying hundreds of acres of land (Oct. 27th agenda) in closed session from developers near Jess Ranch, the Newt Bass Hilltop House for the Legacy Trail, and Tom Hrubik’s holdings along Bear Valley Rd? Can’t private real estate handle the sale of property anymore and again why is the town engaged in buying or selling real estate to begin with? Why is the town buying millions of dollars worth of property?

Now the town has its eyes on seizing a private water company. The owners of Apple Valley Ranchos don’t want to sell, but the town will use another branch of government to take it from them if they don’t sell.

While all of this is going on, nobody noticed that something as simple as putting ADA curb and gutter in along a quarter mile stretch of Powhatan Rd. ( Please see above agenda) bid by an out-of-town contractor at $284,000 on July 5th, 2015, will actually cost $449,713.13. Staff’s report includes absolutely no explanation as to why it was over budget? Taxpayers, do you smell smoke yet?

David Mueller, Apple Valley

Published: Daily Press, November 3, 2015