Just a Taxpayer (October 21, 2015)

President B. Lowry said for 55 years the public MWA has managed the region’s water resources and developed the Urban Water Management Plan to forecast critical variables every 5 years and CONVERSATION NEEDED on water, growth, drought. MWA gets revenue by providing water to local purveyors including Ranchos who also use its well water. So MWA manages, plans, and provides resources to a large Region and UWMP provides a data resource to local Draft Environmental Impact Report (i.e. TOAV Ranchos Acquisition Project). Several MWA Board Members and staff are residents of Apple Valley. No No Comment by any of these gov’t Water Expert Managers/Planners who receive taxpayer funds received as yet. But MWA wants conversation!

WHY — some taxpayers ask? MWA is about six blocks from Ranchos and about two miles from Town Hall. They are in PBID, being assessed? Do they pump water from their well?

MWA is Granting some of the $ 95,000 budget for Lucerne Valley Park Renovation.

Love our country, but ???? our government; trying to follow the money flow puzzle picture.

— Al Rice, Apple Valley taxpayer

Published: Daily Press