He said what? (October 12, 2015)

Both Mayor Pro Tem Barb Stanton and independent journalist Pat Orr have taken Jon Coupal of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association to task for his temerity in suggesting that residents of Apple Valley inform themselves regarding the cost of the proposed hostile takeover of Apple Valley Ranchos by the Town of Apple Valley.

The problem as I see it is not so much in what he said, but in the fact that he wasn’t lying when he said it.

Back in November 2014, council member Art Bishop solemnly informed us, With Town ownership of the Apple Valley water system, all records — including ratemaking details — are open to the public, bringing transparency and accountability. In May of this year, the Daily Press quoted Barb Stanton as saying, Transparency is job No. 1. Neither of these statements was rooted in fact.

Where transparency and informing the public are concerned, the Town of Apple Valley not only has steadfastly refused to provide an accurate accounting, but it has also unleashed a virtual Niagara of disinformation (and worse), raising local demagoguery to new heights. This is why you see the Town elevate lies to explain public policy, and denounce facts.

According to the Daily Press, last week Assemblyman Jay Obernolte basically validated Coupal’s position when he said, residents must ‘recognize the pitfalls’ that could come with acquisition.

This puts the Town in a bad position: Either they are liars (they don’t intend to be transparent) or they are hypocrites (it’s OK for them to promise transparency, but it’s not OK for anyone else to hold them to that promise).

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.