Regarding the new well (October 5, 2015)

Regarding the new water well Ranchos Water is drilling there should be no confusion.

However, it seems the Town Council was confused, and based on their responses the management styles for our water in the future have been clearly identified.

Ranchos Water has been proactive. Knowing there are four wells which have reached their useful life and do not pump as cost effectively and efficiently, they are drilling a new well closer to the source of water before there is a major emergency failure.

The Town Council on the other hand would be reactive. They not only disagree with the timing, but the location. That leads me to question their ability to run a water company. The Town Council would wait for the equipment to fail, and not use logic for site selection.

We have seen the town council’s reactive management style play out before with the DWP in Los Angeles. DWP has been reactive in their water operation which has resulted in frequent major leaks and significant water damages, service outages during emergency repairs and multi-millions in deferred replacement of aging infrastructure, which their rate payers will now pay for when costs are higher, instead of having gradually paid over the course of time when costs were lower.

Like the differing water management styles in the long run, it seems the citizens who oppose the town takeover are proactive and desire less cost for the long haul. Citizens in support of the town takeover are reactive, just reacting to the less costly approach for the moment and not looking at the more costly result in the future.

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley