Re: Drilling discord (October 3, 2015)

I was a bit shocked to read the article Drilling Discord, which appeared as the lead story in Saturday’s Daily Press (10-3-2015). The reaction of the town council members to the normal business decisions of Ranchos appears both inappropriate and self-serving to the Town’s unwarranted smear campaign. I am so tired of the Town’s insulting statements about one of its main corporate constituents. I am equally tired of the responses, but the Town shall reap what it sows.

I am one of those individuals whose bill rose by $200 with water surcharges. I contacted Ranchos and they immediately offered to do a water audit at my home and assist me with finding ways to further conserve.

Just because the Town wants to take Apple Valley Ranchos by eminent domain does not mean the company stops striving to provide the best service to the community. A selfish company, looking to maximize its profits from eminent domain would stop maintaining its system and keep all its revenues to maximize its dollars on the government purchase. Ranchos has not done this.

Ranchos is entitled to conduct business in accordance with its mission and objectives. The Town is entitled to seek new sources of revenue in accordance with its Vision 2020 goals, and to use eminent domain to do so. Despite protestations to the contrary, and perhaps some questionable advice, the Town has committed itself to eminent domain, even though no formal action has been taken.

I question the wisdom of such actions as I see no benefit to be gained by the public or the community. Sadly, this entire issue is divisive to the community and destructive to A Better Way of Life.

— Diana J. Carloni, Apple Valley (and a Ranchos customer)

Published: Daily Press