TOAV is in debt big time (September 27, 2015)

The Town of Apple Valley’s adopted budget of $103 million contains only $91 million in revenues so $11 million are being transferred/borrowed from Enterprise Sewer and Wastewater funds and there is no plan to pay back again this year — same O, same O for last three years as these reserve balances decline. General fund needed $7.5 million to pay for expenditures over revenues including golf course and Parks and Recs events. Salary & Benefits are being increased. No interest in controlling costs to taxpayers.

Mayor Pro Tem says borrow a million dollars to pay for an irrigation well, and a new Ranchos Acquisition budget of $3.2 million is being established with transfers coming from where?

Did TOAV quietly make an offer of $86 million for Ranchos? The out-of-town appraiser’s warrant payments have gone from $86K to $127,400 recently. Do Town’s numbers really add up now and where are revised numbers factually coming from, since $12 million was absent on previous valuation? Has he made any other trip to Apple Valley or CPUC, or just staying at home office making visions of whatever from his panoramic ocean view? Do taxpayers have any say or voice in their large future obligations as Town Council has both hands on their wallets to use for self-interest pet projects including Hilltop House property offer? Town officials said they could go up to $200 million for Ranchos, but who is going to be really responsible for managing it?

The DEIR now has a grade of D minus. Can it be improved by out-of-area writers?

— Al Rice, Apple Valley Taxpayer

Published: Daily Press, October 6, 2015