Silver lining (September 16, 2015)

I’m not saying that the drought is good for our area, but there is a bit of silver lining. At times when talking with people about water usage, they’ll tell me they’re convinced they don’t use very much water, but they are still seeing a drought surcharge on their water bills.

That’s when I tell them that Apple Valley Ranchos conducts free water audits, so each of us can be certain that he’s getting the benefits of all the water we’re using, and paying for. Other water providers probably do water audits, too.

Underground leaks, dripping faucets, running toilets, and poor watering techniques can be caught and corrected through a water audit.

No matter what water costs, it’s a precious resource, and should never be wasted.

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.

Published: Daily Press