Residents bemoan drought surcharges (September 15, 2015)

Residents bemoan drought surcharges was missing a critical element. There were two residents quoted in the article, one quoted as stating his water usage was 99 units (after 47% reduction), and the other who claimed to be using 150 units (after 22% reduction).

An average swimming pool holds 20,473 gallons of water.

So, look at your water bill, one unit equals 748 gallons. Therefore 99 units of water is equal to 74,052 gallons of water, enough to fill an average swimming pool 3.62 times. Also, 150 units is equal to 112,200 gallons of water, enough to fill a swimming pool 5.48 times.

These usages are for a period of two months, so annually these two will use 1,117,512 gallons at this rate; enough water to supply an average family with 16 units per month for 7 years nine months (the maximum allowable before surcharges).

I don’t think I would be bragging about my water use when it is this excessive. Even more concerning is the Town of Apple Valley depends on these kind of complaints to support their Ranchos Water takeover.

One of the residents also claimed water would cost him far less if he was in Hesperia or Victorville. I wonder if Hesperia or Victorville would want these users in their systems?

Is it any wonder we have a water shortage, after all, this is the desert, not a rainforest.

Let us also put to rest, once and for all, the surcharge was mandated by the state, not Ranchos.

Leane Lee, Apple Valley

Published: Daily Press