Making pricey pipes pricier

(July 13, 2015)

Reading Pricey Pipes on Monday morning, certainly begs the question:

Why did the Town of Apple Valley, at significant taxpayer expense, formally through their legal counsel oppose through the CPUC, the proposed aging infrastructure replacements by Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company?

In reality, if the Town has its way, takes over the water by eminent domain, and as stated in the past by Councilman Nassif (just listen to the taped meetings), they propose to invest in NEW infrastructure, which should be paid for by development not ratepayers and taxpayers, and postpone replacement of aging infrastructure. The Town is just setting us up to be the next LA DWP.

The aging infrastructure is not new information, it has been out there for years now, just read the article again. The American Society of Civil Engineers reported the problems back in 2013. So why does the Town in 2015 continue to pursue Ranchos takeover? It is not for any lofty concern for the public, but for the self serving purpose of getting their hands on another source of revenue.

Time is long overdue for the people to speak up and support the water company who has provided quality service for 65 years, and must now spend to fight for their existence. Imagine the benefit ratepayers and taxpayers (assuming you are not someone in both categories), could have derived from all the money being wasted on the battle for the water company, instigated by the Town of Apple Valley.

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley

Published: Daily Press