This site is dedicated to examining the disaster that looms due to actions on the part of the Town of Apple Valley (TOAV) to seize control of Liberty Utilities — Apple Valley (LAV), our local water company (formerly known as Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, or AWRWC).

The focal point of this site is commentary on the Town’s actions, as well as responses to the various charges and counter-charges surrounding this issue.

To provide background and context, I also provide documents from TOAV and elsewhere that I feel bear on this expensive and unnecessary drama.

If you have comments or insights, please share them with me.

The header image is what used to be Cramer Family Park. I say used to be because the TOAV had to ditch it due to the massive costs associated with the unwarranted purchase of the Apple Valley Country Club (AVCC), now known as the Apple Valley Golf Course.

The AVCC purchase has cost Apple Valley taxpayers more than ten million dollars (the golf course is still hemorrhaging money, so the Town has proposed a special sales tax to support it). One can only imagine what might happen should TOAV spend up to $150,000,000 (at up to 12 percent interest!) buying a water utility that we already have.

Regarding the proposed hostile takeover of LAV, TOAV doesn’t know what it’s buying, it doesn’t know what it’s going to cost, it doesn’t know where the money is coming from, doesn’t know what the money is going to cost, doesn’t know how to run a water utility, doesn’t know who is going to run the system, and has a history of failure where water systems are concerned.

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.

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