About the Water

Safety & Reliability in Challenging Times

Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley’s water supply comes from the underground aquifers of the Mojave River Basin. The water company pumps 100 percent of its source water from 24 deep wells located throughout our community. These wells draw water from the deep Alto subunit of the basin. This high quality aquifer is recharged from snowmelt from the San Bernardino Mountains to the south and the Mojave River to the west.

As a member agency of Mojave Water Agency, Liberty Utilities, Apple Valley purchases imported water from the State Water Project to replenish the pumped groundwater.

The Mojave Water Agency (MWA) imports water from the California State Water project to spread in the Mojave River to help recharge the groundwater.

In 2003, MWA reached an agreement with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) to store an additional 75,000 acre-feet (1 acre-foot = approx. 326,000 gallons) of water in the Mojave basin in exchange for MWD to have the right to take an equal amount of water from the State Water Project in the future should there be a significant drought that would reduce imported water to the MWD. This exchange provides a significant benefit to the high desert community by providing a source of recharge water for the groundwater basin.